Thomas The Panda Head


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Meet Thomas! Thomas is a black and white cuddly Panda Bear, but more importantly, very, very soft. His thick fur, and your hugs, protect him from the cold. Thomas loves to chew on Bamboo so be sure to keep some in stock! Perfect for adorning any child's bedroom wall, offering friendship and a sense of security. Made from high quality materials, Wild & Soft hand make each one by hand so they are individually unique.Features and Benefits:

  • Gorgeously soft and sweet, plush panda bear head
  • Perfect for kids rooms - creates a sense of security and friend
  • Each one made by hand and therefore unique
  • Measurements: L 26 cm x W 29 cm x H 28 cm
  • Made from high quality polyester faux fur


Approx 30cm x 30cm x 30cm