The Shibumis Swim Shorts - Blue

The Shibumi print - Shibumi (n) Old school cool, subtle and timeless. This moroccan inspired mosaic print is available in both red and blue.

The environment is at the forefront of Mangata shorts. Their fabric is made from 100% recycled post consumer plastic bottles keeping them out of landfill and the ocean. This plastic is broken down to create a yarn which produces a super soft and quick drying fabric for maximum comfort. They use a soft polyester elasticated lining as well as an elasticated waistband. 

Their gold cord ends give a smart unique finish to the shorts. 

Size 1 - Age 2 - 3 years

Size 2 - Age 4 - 5 years

Size 3 - Age 6 - 7 years

Size 4 - Age 8 - 9 years

Size 5 - Age 10 - 11 years

We recommend rinsing your Mangata's rather than machine washing to save energy. If machine washing always use a cool wash cycle and do not tumble dry.