Handmade Scallop Standard Quilt - Neon Rainbow Leopard


A show-stopper of a quilt, adorned with leopards, rainbows and modern neon pops of colour. An heirloom quilt in every way; designed to last your family a lifetime.

The stunning neon rainbow block print quilt is a vibrant and eclectic pattern with colourful rainbows, vibrant leopards and a hot pink scallop edging; this print is entirely bespoke to Bombaby, having been designed here in leafy Rutland and brought to life by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India. The pink and green reverse of the quilt gives you flexibility in how your style it; the neon tassels are the stunning finish to these beautiful and bespoke block print quilts.

Suitable for both single and double beds, these standard size block print quilts are designed for absolutely any age or gender.

Our standard scallop quilts: the lowdown

The perfect addition to any child's bedroom or nursery, these handmade cotton voile block print quilts with their scalloped edges and beautiful animal prints are to DIE for.

The cornerstone of our entire Bombaby range, these block print scallop quilts are where it all started; bespoke, handmade and responsibly sourced, they really are like nothing else out there. If you are looking for something completely unique and utterly gorgeous, then look no further; our block print quilts are also beautiful and thoughtful presents.

The Why:

I wanted to design something that wouldn’t just last a season or two; these unique handmade scallop block print quilts will last you a lifetime. If and when your little person grows out of them, why not hand them down or pass them on to a sibling?

With sustainability being so important to us all these days (and rightly so), Bombaby is proud to bring you these ethically sourced and slowly made block print textiles; every quilt pattern has been painstakingly block printed and sewn entirely by hand using traditional methods. Our team of skilled artisans in Jaipur have lovingly created these bespoke quilts for you in small batches; take pleasure in the fact that they haven't been created in their thousands on a factory conveyor belt! Every single block print quilt is entirely unique with it's quirks and variations in details; it's precisely what makes them so special! A true heirloom gift in every way, our of quilts all come with a free matching drawstring storage bag, meaning that they can be packed away easily for storage or travel.

  • Dimensions: 70 x 85 inches, suitable for single, double and queen beds.
  • Material: 100% block print cotton voile & an light organic cotton filling. No synthetics!
  • Care: for best results, dry clean only to maintain 'fluffiness', or gently hand wash on a short, cool cycle for no longer than 30 mins. Do not use harsh chemicals or tumble dry.
  • Multi-purpose: quilted bedspread, play mats, picnic rug or quirky sofa throw
  • Comes with a free matching drawstring storage bag so you can keep it forever.