Djeco Wooden Abacus


A simple and fun game on numbers and quantities. The “challenge” card indicates elements to be counted in the image then the child transfers his count to the abacus. To check if the account is correct, simply consult the solution indicated on the back of the card.

 First counting game in both directions: the child counts the elements then transcribes this count on the abacus.
 The manipulation of the abacus allows to deepen the counting and the transcription of the figures in quantities.
 Self-correcting thanks to the solutions provided.
 A very detailed rule of the game to help parents set up the activity more easily. In 10 languages.
 Each Eduludo box, very didactic, corresponds to a specific learning in order to help the child to develop.

Content: 30 double-sided challenge cards and 1 wooden abacus. Rules of the game in 10 languages.

Age: 4 8
Product width: 20 cm
Product height: 10.5 cm
Pack width: 21.5 cm
Pack height: 21.5 cm
Pack depth: 4 cm