Glitter Boards - The Scent of Flowers


The Djeco Glitter Boards range create sparkling pictures to brighten up any room in unique, beautiful designs that are ready to be showcased.

Djeco Glitter Boards Scent of Flowers has four beautifully detailed sticky faced boards ready to bring to life.  The designs have intricate details and have a girl surrounded by bouqets, buds and branches.  Simply peel away the covering from each numbered area using the special stick, sprinkle the correct colour of glitter from the 6 tubes of glitter included and then smooth it with the brush to ensure it covers all of the sticky surface evenly.

Djeco have cleverly designed the box so it can be used to work in and any excess glitter pours easily back into the tube by using the corner as a funnel.

As usual with Djeco gift sets this girls glitter craft kit comes with a beautifully printed follow by picture instruction book.  Box dimensions 16.5 by 23 by 4cms. Djeco recommended ages 7 to 13 years old.