Boldcube Big 3 Wheel Kids Scooter Foldable - Swift Green


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Our 3 wheel foldable scooter is designed with travel in mind. Whether you need to commute in style or to have fun outdoors, this is the perfect scooter for children 5 years and older. The lean to steer aspect of this scooter continues to nurture balance and stability in budding young kids. Featuring double stacked rear wheels for twice as bright flashing lights and a tough stomp brake, this foldable scooter stands out from the crowd without compromising on safety or functionality. Bold colours and eye catching designs, to show off your little ones style and stand out from the crowd Rear wheel light reflectors, on top of bright flashing wheels light reflector stickers are fitted at the rear of the scooter staying safe whilst riding day and night Foldable handlebar, a pull-to-fold design that’s simple enough for kids to fold themselves. Ideal for ease of storage