Wooden Cup and Ball


Wooden bowling pin - Let's Play

20 cm in length.

Artisan production. Ecological paint.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Recommended age: from 6 years.

Bowling is a classic game of manual skill very popular in different cultures, and that is why it is known by various names, such as "Cup and ball" within the Anglo-Saxon world. He is a cousin-brother of Kendama, a more sophisticated version of the game, of Japanese origin.

Our version of the bowling alley is made of beech wood by hand, and is available in different shades of pastel color. The paint used is ecological and complies with regulations on use in toys and children's products.

The toy consists of a stick with a "cap" or cup at one end and at the base of which hangs a string with a ball. The game consists of getting the wooden ball into the cup, which is why it is considered a game of coordination and great precision. In addition to stimulating psychomotor skills, it is an excellent learning to test our patience and perseverance. Therefore, it is ideal for both children and adults. A simple tool to share a fun time together but, we warn, it can be addicting 😉

If this warning has become an encouragement, you can buy your wooden bowling pin here and start practicing.

Made of beech wood obtained from suppliers with PEFC certificate (Program of sustainable forestry exploitation), hand painted with ecological paint. Complies with the toy safety regulations: EN 71-1: 2014 + A1: 2018. EN 71-2: 2011 + A1: 2014