The Three ??? - The Realm of Riddles


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The game investor leads The Three ??? to a mysterious castle. But it won’t be easy for them to get their hands on the rich man’s inheritance. There are many tricky riddles to be solved and lots of dark corridors and gruesome dungeons to pass through. Is it for real or all just a game?

Author: Ulf Blanck
Reader: John Dunton-Downer, Denis Lyons, Christian Serritiello, Angus McGruther

01 - Guesswork

02 - Driving a Ferrari

03 - Difficult inheritance

04 - Castle ghosts

05 - Basement phantoms

06 - Mountain tour

07 - Checkmate

08 - Sun riddle

Audiobook, Running time: approx. 76 minutes, Age recommendation: age 6+