The Three ??? - Soccer Mania


Soccer-Tournament in Rocky Beach! But this is not about winning a trophy - Uncle Titus's junkyard is at stake. Justus, Peter and Bob's soccer team must win or lose the junkyard forever! The tournament soon turns into a real-life thriller because their opponents will fight to win by hook or by crook.

Author:Ulf Blanck
Reader: John Dunton-Downer, Denis Lyons, Christian Serritiello, Angus McGruther and others

01 - RBSC – Rocky Beach Soccer Club

02 - Fat boy Otto

03 - Arch-enemies

04 - Getting the team together

05 - Fence spectators

06 - Spying on the enemy

07 - The starting whistle

08 - The final

Audiobook, Running time: approx. 72 minutes Age recommendation: age 6+