The Fox Pack - Mystery in the Garden/Tracks of a Giant


Mystery in the Garden

Nick, Nellie and Tom are given a very special gift: a wooden playhouse built
on stilts! On the very next day, they find the playhouse smeared with red goo. Needless to say, they want to know what the goo is and who would do such a thing. Grandad Rick suggests they save the red goo as evidence. And so, the kids and Phoebe find themselves in the middle of their first case. 

Tracks of a Giant

The FoxPack investigates its second case! A giant has left his tracks behind at playschool. Why was he standing around in the sandpit? What was he doing there and most importantly – are there giants after all?! 

01-05 – Case 1: Mystery in the Garden

06-10 – Case 2: Tracks of a Giant

Audio Play, Running time: approx. 60 minutes, Age recommendation: age 3+, Accessories: Booklet, instructions