Something to Keep you Happy - Kings and Queens


Something to keep you happy when the grown-ups are being really boring - Kings and Queens edition.

Being bored can be, well, frankly really really boring!

It doesn't matter how much your grown-ups have taken you out to interesting and fun places or to the park for a mighty fine stomp, boredom can just hit.  And the dinner table can often be the most boring place of all.

It's not really because your grown-ups are boring, no, it's just that sometimes you're all talked out and everyone else is a little bit tired and can't think of anything interesting to say.

So it's during those times that we hope this book of fun stuff we've written about kings and queens will keep you happy.  If your grown-ups want to join in with you, they'll probably enjoy some of the games too.  but if they aren't in the mood for fun, perhaps just let them be and keep all the fun for yourself.

If you're so young that you think this book looks interesting enough to eat, then a grown-up should probably take it away from you.

If you're too young to read this, well, just have fun colouring in and drawing to your heart's content.

Pages: 22

Size: 20cm x 20cm