Something to keep you happy - Christmas activity book for children


Something to keep you happy when the grown ups are being really boring at the Christmas dinner table.

Whether you're planning on visiting friends and family over the festive period or entertaining at your own home, if there are small children involved, it's a no brainer to have at least one of these Christmas activity books up your sleeve.

This activity book could last for day which is handy because, let's face it, grown-ups are really boring at the dinner table.

They will wax lyrical for hours and hours about the wine, their holidays, or their work and it just isn't that interesting for children!

So please, just buy them this and a couple of pencils and let them get on with the serious business of listening to your conversation to play word bingo or do a word-search or colouring in.

A perfect way to keep children entertained.

This book contains 20 pages of activities.

Suitable Age 3-12.