Cat’s Cradle



This set of rope figures includes 2 meters of rope in fluorine color (yellow, pink, green or orange), a cloth bag and the instructions for some basic figures with which to start in this traditional game, handed down from generation to generation. that enhances manual motor skills, visual memory and creativity.

A classic among the classics, to have fun alone or with someone.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Recommended for 6 years or older.

Experts say that already in Classical Greece and Ancient Rome, entertaining making rope figures enjoyed great popularity, although the origin of this game seems to go back much further, in the East. We also know that in some cultures it served to explain legends or traditions, or that it even had applications in rituals and cosmological theories. Fascinating, right?

In our set you will find the illustrated instructions to build, step by step, the basic initiation figures. When you master these figures we are sure that you will really want to master many more; maybe you can even create your own figures and name them. After all, it is a game that combines creativity with fine motor skills and allows us to become engineers of fantastic structures.

Are you up for it?